Conversation Art Piece

Acrylic Pour Jewelry | Wooden Mismatched Tribal Fusion Afrocentric Earrings


Elevate your style with our one-of-a-kind wooden earrings, expertly crafted with an acrylic pour technique. Each pair is handmade with your unique fashion sense in mind, allowing you to showcase your free-spirited personality and stand out from the crowd.

These earrings are designed with unique patterns and styles, meaning each earring will be amazingly different. If you're looking for a small yet special present for someone special, these everyday wear earrings are perfect. They will be cherished for a lifetime.

DROP LENGTH: 2 7/16in ( From ear to neck )

WIDTH: 2 3/8in

BEADS SIZE: 13mm Black/Orange Rustic Czech Glass Beads.

COLORS: Blue, Orange, White And Gold.

WOOD: Circle Laser Cut Wood

WIRES: Hypoallergenic Raw Copper Hooks And Wire.

STYLE: Bohemian, Rustic, And Modern Tribal.