Conversation Art Piece

Big multicolor statement earrings are inspired by African and contemporary wearable art.


Drop Length: 3 7/6 inches.

Width: 2 1/16 inches.

Length: 2 5/8 inches.

Style: Abstract, Modern African, and Statement Piece

Introducing our unique and vibrant rectangular-shaped wooden earrings, specially made for those who love making bold fashion statements with confidence. Each pair is made to order and guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind, with a rich and colorful palette inspired by the beauty of Spring. These earrings, designed for your comfort, are lightweight and crafted with quality and attention to detail, ensuring durability. With their abstract design and vivid colors, they will turn heads and make you confidently stand out in the crowd. You can order yours today and experience the joy of wearing these stunning, comfortable earrings!

The earrings come in vivid colors, including red, purple, violet, titanium white, pearl white, black, fuchsia, and silver. They are made of rectangular laser-cut wood, acrylic paint, high-gloss varnish, silver clip-ons, antique copper wire, and hooks.