Conversation Art Piece

Blue Mandala Dot Earrings, Medium Size African Hand-painted Wooden Jewelry


Size: Medium Wood Circle and 10mm Bead.

Colors: Blue, White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Metallic Red, And Gold.

Style: Mandala, Boho And Ethnic.

A ray of sunshine on a blue and sunny day. Eye-catching Bright, Colorful Medium Mandala dots hand-painted flower earrings.

Eye-popping blue African wooden earrings are painted in a bright blue medium wood circle shape. Wooden boho earrings start with a light yellow and move to a dark, rich metallic red, creating a sunflower effect. Earrings hang from a Vivid bright and gold inlay 10mm bead. Earrings are finished with gold-plated earring hooks.

Non-pierced earrings are also great for my ladies who can't wear pierced hooks or prefer wearing clip-ons. With so many people asking if I offer clip-on as an option, I had to do my research to find the best and most comfortable gold-plated clip-on findings, and I did just that.

Flowing in the sun, boho earrings are ready to be shipped out today!

Give a gift that will keep on giving. These hand-painted dot mandala art jewelry earrings will bring joy and happiness to your loved ones when they open their surprise gift.