Conversation Art Piece
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Huge Statement African Earrings Bold Jewelry For Women Wearable Art Afrocentric Tribal Ethnic Art


Drop Length: 4 1/2in - 11.43cm

Length: 3in - 7.62cm

Width: 3in - 7.62cm

Bead Size: 8mm

Colors: Red, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Yellow, Purple, Black And White.

These earrings are crafted from laser-cut wood, adorned with a vibrant 8mm transparent Czech glass bead, and finished with sterling silver wire and fish hooks. The colors, ranging from fiery red to deep blue and sunny yellow, are a testament to your vibrant personality.

Style: African, Modern Urban, Afrocentric, Boho And Abstract.

Lightweight, Handcrafted And Hand-painted.

These one-of-a-kind wooden earrings are a testament to your individuality. Meticulously handcrafted and painted, they are a unique expression of your style, ensuring you always stand out.

These earrings are a perfect fit for the confident and audacious woman who does not shy away from expressing her thoughts and values. Wearing these earrings will indicate that you are a true warrior, authentic, rare, strong, and powerful. In a world where everyone is the same, these earrings will set you apart as a bold, fearless individual who dares to be different.