Conversation Art Piece

Oversized, Mandala Front Back Earrings, African Jewelry For Women. Chunky Hoops, Wooden Ethnic

$78.00 - $80.00

BEAUTIFUL VIBRANT COLORS: Black, White, Red, Green, Yellow And Gold

GLORIOUS SIZZLING SIZE: 3in Wide Laser Cut Wood Circle.


WEARABLE ART STYLE: Afrocentric, Dreadlocks Rasta, Natural Sistas, And Positives Vibes All Around.

"Introducing our oversized wooden hoop mandala African earrings, which were inspired by our shop's original mandala Rastafari earrings. Each earring is handcrafted in-house and hand-painted for a unique touch. At Conversation Art Piece, we believe in empowering the bold and beautiful woman in you who will rock these earrings and knock out any haters that come your way."

These vibrant mandala earrings are not just for the bold and beautiful sister in you. They also make a perfect gift for a family member or friend, bringing joy to their faces. Made of 925 sterling silver earring wire/hooks and sealed with high-gloss varnish, these earrings are a blend of style and durability. The back of the earrings features black-and-white prints, and each side has its unique pattern style. From all corners and edges, these mandala earrings make a stunning statement. Take the chance to showcase your unique style with these amazing earrings!

"Your love and support mean the world to my small black-owned business. Wishing you a blessed and wonderful day filled with joy and beauty."